The World’s First
Clinical Hyperautomation Platform
A force multiplier for physicians

10x Increase in the supply of  healthcare

Decoded Health is developing the world's first Clinical Hyperautomation Platform, leveraging explainable machine learning with Human-In-the-Loop Task Autonomy to automate patient conversations and augment the physician’s clinical workflow.

The platform automates clinical tasks enabling physicians can manage a panel size of over 8,000 patients vs 2,000 while improving population health and deepening the physician-patient relationship.

Automated Clinical Conversations

Decoded Health scales clinical patient engagement through automated  conversations. Unlike a "chat-bot" our system enables patients to express their concerns and ask questions in fully natural language conversational dialog. Patients have confidence that they are being heard and providers save time by getting meaningful data from high-quality patient conversations.

Conversational system automatically:

Automated Natural Language Clinical Documentation

Giving providers the required data before they need it. The system creates a  natural language summary of virtual patient conversation, giving the physician relevant information before they even meet the patient. The summary includes information such as the patient’s chief complaint, HPI, review of systems and notable findings extracted from the electronic health record (EHR) relative to the predicted differential diagnoses.

Telehealth is supported out of the box. The platform features its own mobile and web-based audio- and video-integrated conversations. It can also be configured to leverage existing communication services such as Zoom, Teams, Ring Central and others.

Built on SRI’s DARPA Funded Technology

Decoded Health is a spin-off of SRI International, a world-renowned non-profit research organization.

3rd Wave/ Explainable Deep Learning

DASL (Deep Adaptive Semantic Logic)

Neural Network to perform explainable diagnosis and action recommendation based on first-order predicate expressions.

Graph-Based Dialog

Graph-Based Dialog Management
Proprietary platform for dynamic decision based dialog. IP developed by Decoded Health.

Natural Language Processing

first-order predicate expression extraction from natural language clinical guidelines and patient conversations.

Decoded Health 2019 Novel Coronavirus Response

Leverage conversational AI to meet increasing patient demand.

The system can go beyond basic screening questions and automate a full clinical assessment including HPI, ROS, and differential for COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients. The documentaion workflow is automated and integrated into the EHR.

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